24.0117 Stationary Air Pollution Source Fund.

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There is established a fund to be known as the Stationary Air Pollution Source Fund which shall be maintained separate and apart from any other funds of the American Samoa Government, and shall be administered by the Executive Secretary. Independent records and accounts shall be maintained in connection therewith. All emission fees, fines, penalties, bail forfeitures, and other funds collected or received pursuant to this chapter shall be deposited in the Stationary Air Pollution Source Fund and used for the direct and indirect costs of administration and implementation of the permit program and related costs, and for providing staff and resources to: assist permit applicants with the application process; review and act upon permit applications; write permits; implement and enforce permit conditions including legal support; prepare guidance and rules; prepare emission inventories and monitor air quality; inspect facilities to ensure compliance and offer assistance with pollution prevention alternatives; provide technical assistance to permittees; administer the Fund, and perform any other duties needed to administer the permit program.

History: 2000, PL 26-22.