24.0903 Definitions.

Cite as [A.S.C.A. § 24.0903]

As used in this chapter, unless the context clearly requires otherwise:

(a) “Administrative district” means the Eastern, Western and Manu’a districts (Swains Island as a part of Manu’a district).

(b) “Conservation district” means a governmental subdivision of this Territory, and a public body corporate and politic, organized in accordance with this chapter.

(c) “Due notice” means notice given during a ten day period by publication in local newspapers.

(d) “Land occupier” or “occupier of land” includes both the person, firm, or corporation who is an owner or operator of any lands lying within a district organized under this act.

History: 1991 PL 22-20; amd 1993 PL 23-8.