25.2101 Duty of owner, lessee, or occupant of occupied building.

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Every owner, lessee, or occupant of an occupied building wherever located, shall comply with the following:

(a) Whenever any building is infested, or becomes infested with rodents, adequate measures shall be taken in good faith to endeavor to eradicate such rodents by poisoning, trapping, fumi-gation or other appropriate means.

(b) Roofs, garrets, courtyards alleys, basements, cellars and any open spaces which are attached to and are adjacent to houses or buildings, shall be kept free from foodstuffs, garbage, forage, and other material which may serve as food or harborage for rodents.

(c) No rubbish, garbage, waste, or filth of any kind may be placed, left dumped, or permitted to accumulate or remain in any building or in the vicinity thereof, including any area between the property line and the road, in such a way as to afford a harborage or breeding place for rodents. All weeds and grass in the vicinity of any building, including any area between the property line and the road, must be maintained so as to avoid harborage or breeding places for rodents. In rural or village areas, the duty imposed by this section does not extend beyond the property line.

(d) Firewood, scraps, lumber, and other loose materials adjacent to or under buildings shall be piled in an orderly manner so as not to afford a harborage for rodents.

History: 1972, PL 12-44 § 9.