25.3009 Administration.

Cite as [A.S.C.A. § 25.3009]

To carry out the provisions and purposes of this chapter the Director is authorized and empowered to:

(1) perform any and all acts necessary to carry out the purposes and requirements of this chapter relating to the adoption and enforcement of primary drinking water rules;

(2) administer and enforce the provisions of this chapter and all rules, regulations, and orders adopted, issued, or effective under it;

(3) enter into agreements, contracts, or cooperative arrangements under terms and conditions as he considers appropriate, with other States, Territorial, Federal or interstate agencies, municipalities, political subdivisions, educational institutions, or other organizations or individuals;

(4) receive financial and technical assistance from the federal government and other public or private agencies:

(5) participate in related programs of the federal government, and other states, territories, interstate agencies or other public or private agencies or organization;

(6) establish adequate fiscal controls and accounting procedures to assure proper disbursement of and accounting for funds appropriated or otherwise provided for the purpose of carrying out provisions of this chapter:

(7) delegate those responsibilities and duties considered appropriate for the purpose of administering this chapter:

(8) enter upon and inspect public water systems, and take samples of water or other liquids on the premises for analyses during normal business hours of the government or at any time when the Director is informed of imminent and substantial endangerment to the health of persons to determine the presence of contaminants:

(9) establish and collect fees for conducting inspections and laboratory analyses as necessary; and

(10) adopt rules considered necessary or appropriate to carry out his function under this chapter.

History: 1979, PL 16-13 § 1; amd 1980, PL 16-61 § 3.

Amendments: 1980 Subsection (8): deleted “private or communal premises” and added “public water systems”.