27.0230 Hotels.

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The Governor may not approve an application for a business license to maintain and operate a hotel unless it substantially meets the standards of the hotel at Goat Island Point (currently owned by the American Samoan Development Corporation) regarding:

(1) sanitary conditions;

(2) room space for each guest;

(3) architectural beauty;

(4) public room space for guests, taking into consideration the number of guestrooms in the hotel;

(5) interior decorations, including decoration in guestrooms;

(6) equipment for the preservation of food;

(7) equipment for the preparation of food;

(8) area surrounding the hotel;

(9) window space for guestrooms and public rooms;

(10) electric lighting;

(11) building materials.

History: 1963, PL 8-6; 1966, PL 9-49; amd 1976, PL 14-28.

Amendment: 1976 Opening paragraph formerly provided that standards of the Pago Pago Americana Hotel be substantially met.