31.0315 Statement of personal qualifications.

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The application for a notary commission shall state or include, at least:

(1) the applicant’s date of birth;

(2) the applicant’s residence address and telephone number;

(3) the applicant’s business and telephone number, the business mailing address, if different, and the name of the applicant’s employer, if any;

(4) a declaration that the applicant is a citizen or national of the United States or proof of the applicant’s legal residency in the Territory of American Samoa;

(5) a declaration that the applicant can read and write English;

(6) all issuance, denials, revocations, suspensions, restrictions, and resignations of a notarial commission, professional license or public office involving the applicant in this or any other territory, state or nation;

(7) all criminal convictions of the applicant, including any pleas of admission or nolo contendere, in this or any other territory or state or nation; and

(8) all claims pending or disposed against a notary bond held by the applicant, and all civil findings or admissions of fault or liability regarding the applicant’s activities as a notary, in this or any other territory, state or nation.

History: 2008, PL 30-18.