13.0223 Accuracy and correction of identifiable health information.

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(a) The department shall reasonably ensure the accuracy and completeness of identifiable health information.

(b) After inspection or review of copies of identifiable health information, a requestor may request that the department correct, amend, or delete erroneous, incomplete, or false information.

(c) The department shall correct, amend, or delete erroneous, incomplete, or false information within fourteen days of a request provided that it determines such modification is reasonably supported. The requestor has the burden of proving that information needs to be corrected, amended, or deleted.

(d) The requestor shall be notified in writing by the department of any corrections, amendments, or deletions made, or, in the alternative, the reasons for denying any request in whole or part.

(e) A requestor may appeal any decision of the Department denying a request to correct, amend, or delete erroneous, incomplete, or false information under administrative review procedures as promulgated by the department.

(f) A brief, written statement from the requestor challenging the veracity of the identifiable health information shall be retained by the department for as long as the information is possessed. The department shall make a notation of the disputed entries in the requestor’s identifiable health information, including the original language and the requestor’s proposed change. This statement shall be provided to any person who is authorized to receive the identifiable health information.

(g) The department shall take reasonable steps to notify all persons indicated by the requestor, or others for whom known acquisitions or disclosures have previously been made, of corrections, amendments, or deletions made to identifiable health information.

History: 2007, PL 30-11.