13.0517 Identification cards.

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(a) The Registrar of Vital Statistics is authorized and directed to prepare application forms necessary to issue an identification card to any American Samoan who requests one. The forms shall contain information required by the Registrar and be accompanied by such affidavits and documentary evidence necessary to enable the Registrar to ascertain the accuracy of the information. At a minimum the forms shall contain inquiries with respect to:

(1) the date and place of birth;

(2) the name of the father and mother if known;

(3) the sex of the applicant; and

(4) such additional matters as may be prescribed.

(b) The information on the application and photographs made under the provisions of this section shall be confidential, and shall be made available only to the applicant. If the applicant is under the age of 18 years of age the application shall be executed by one of the parents or legal guardian of the applicant.

(c) The Registrar of Vital Statistics shall set annually a fee for this service which fee shall cover all costs involved in producing the forms and identification cards.

History: 1990, PL 21-42.