13.0530 Amendment of incorrect birth, death, or marriage record.

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(a) Whenever the facts are not correctly stated in any certificate of birth, death, or marriage already registered, the person asserting the error may make an affidavit under oath stating the changes necessary to make the record correct, supported by the affidavit of one other person having knowledge of the facts, and file it with the Registrar.

(b) The Registrar of Vital Statistics shall review the affidavits and documents and may require further supporting evidence when he believes that it is necessary. If the Registrar is satisfied that the correction is properly supported, he shall accept the amendment.

(c) When the amendment is accepted, it shall be filed with and become a part of the pertinent record, but the original record shall not be altered. Certified copies of certificates may be made showing the correct information, but must show that it is an amended birth certificate.

History: 1968, PL 10-55.