15.0104 Board of Directors—Powers—Duties.

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All powers and duties vested in the Authority are exercised by the Board of Directors. In carrying out this function, the Board shall also:

(1) elect at its first meeting a vice-chairman, who shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the chairman, and other officers as it may deem desirable from among its members: elect its officers annually thereafter at its first meeting in October;

(2) appoint and prescribe the compensation for the Executive Director, who is the chief operating officer of the Authority and exercises all executive functions, and the business and finance manager, operations manager, and plant managers, who perform duties assigned by the executive director, subject to all applicable laws and rules, the bylaws of the Authority, and directions of the Board:

(3) adopt, amend and repeal bylaws;

(4) develop policies and programs for the administration, management and operation of the Authority;

(5) approve the annual budget of the Authority;

(6) review the monthly operating statements of the Authority, and such other financial reports as it deems necessary;

(7) submit monthly operating statements to the Governor not later than the twentieth working day after the end of the previous month, and such other financial statements as he directs from time to time;

(8) exercise all other powers and not inconsistent with the laws and rules of American Samoa which are reasonably necessary to the administration, management, and operation of the Authority and the Board.

History: 1982, PL 17-56 § 5.