16.2506 Financial aid—Duration—Renewal— Conditions.

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(a) Financial aid shall normally be for one year except when the Board determines the financial aid for a specific student should be of longer or shorter duration.

(b) A student otherwise eligible under this chapter and who complied with the conditions under subsection (c), shall be entitled to priority consideration by the Board when the student applies for a renewal of the financial aid.

(c) Financial aid of any student may be canceled by the Board if the student:

(1) is not a full-time student; or

(2) does not comply with the policy of the educational institution governing overall grade-point averages, including any probationary periods provided by that policy: or

(3) does not authorize the registrar of the educational institution to send a copy of the student’s grade report or transcript to the Board after each academic term or semester; or

(4) transfers to another educational institution without the prior written approval of the Board.

History: 1982, PL 17-36 § 8.