18.0206 Parks fund—Revenues from concessions and uses—Donations.

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(a) There is established, separate and apart from any other fund of the government, a parks fund for the development and improvement of the parks system. The fund is managed by the department. Financial statements on the fund for each fiscal year are included in the department’s annual report to the Governor and Legislature.

(b) The department may grant permits and charge fees to individuals or groups to establish concessions on or otherwise use any part of the parks system. The fees from the permits shall be deposited in the parks fund. Any person or group granted a permit must be bonded in an amount necessary, in the department’s judgment, to insure that damage to the system caused by that person or group, including littering, can be rectified.

(c) Money or the proceeds of any property donated, granted or bequeathed for the benefit of the parks system are deposited in the parks fund; provided, that, money or property donated, granted, or bequeathed for specific purposes is held in trust and may only be used for those purposes.

History: 1980, PL 16-55 § 2.