20.0230 Licensure of masters, pilots, and engineers.

Cite as [A.S.C.A. § 20.0230]

(a) All persons operating or performing technical duties on vessels engaged in coastwise or interisland traffic in American Samoa or adjacent waters shall be duly licensed by the Board as a master, pilot, or engineer. Issuance of the license shall be only to United States nationals, citizens or resident aliens who have resided in American Samoa 5 or more years. The vessel must be owned by a person legally conducting business in American Samoa, and must be registered in American Samoa.

(b) Nothing in this section may be construed to limit or restrict the board’s authority to ascertain whether or not foreign vessels entering the Pago Pago Harbor and canning goods or people to or from American Samoa have been licensed by a comparable board of the port of their origin and that the vessel’s safety precautions and equipment meet the standards as promulgated by this chapter and duly authorized rules relating thereto.

History: 1971, PL 12-34 § 11.

Case Notes:

Creates duty to provide licensed crew for ship, breach of which constitutes negligence per se; recovery allowed. Tialigo v. Steffany, ASR 1976.