Chapter 02 - Senate

Chapter 02 - Senate

2.0201 Membership.

The Senate has 18 members.

2.0202 Districts.

The Senate districts, and the number of Senators to be elected therefrom, shall be as follows:

District 1: Fitiuta, Faleasao and Ta’u Counties, 2 Senators;

District 2: Olosega and Ofu Counties, 1 Senator;

District 3: Sa’ole County, 1 senator;

District 4: Vaifanua County, 1 Senator;

District 5: Sua County, 2 Senators;

District 6: Ma’oputasi County, 3 Senators;

District 7: Itu’au County, 2 Senators;

District 8: Ma’upu County, 2 Senators;

District 9: Leasina County, 1 Senator;

District 10: Tualatai County, 1 Senator;

District 11: Fofo County, 1 Senator;

District 12: Lealataua County, 1 Senator.

2.0203 Election-Certification of results.

Senators must be elected in accordance with Samoan custom by the county councils of the county or counties they are to represent. The decision of the members of the county councils must be certified by the county chiefs of such counties.

2.0204 Filling of vacancies—Term.

(a) When vacancies occur in the Senate, the Governor, or the person exercising the functions of Governor, shall issue writs of special election to fill such vacancies, except that if any such vacancy occurs within 3 months of the next regular election, no special election may be held, and the Governor shall appoint a qualified person to fill such vacancy.

(b) Prior to appointing such person, the Governor shall consult with the district governor and the county chief, or county chiefs, in the district concerned.

(c) A person elected to fill a vacancy or appointed by the Governor to fill a vacancy shall hold office during the remainder of the term of his predecessor.