High Court Building Back In Business

High Court will resume in the High Court building beginning June 20, 2011. Since the tsunami in 2009, court has been held in the GHC Reid Building. All renovations will be completed by next Monday, and all scheduled hearings will be moved. Attorneys are encouraged to call the High Court to determine whether their hearings will be affected.

Update: Samoa News Story

Law Reform Committee In The News

KHJ Radio spoke with ASBA President Sean Morrison regarding the work of the law reform committee.  They discussed the  revisions of Titles 46 and 13 and the attempts to implement these laws. The revisions can be found on the law reform committee page.

To read more and hear audio, please visit:

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ASBA On Facebook

The American Samoa Bar Association now has a page on Facebook. Have a look, and “like” us.


Dog Law In The News

Samoa News has written a piece on the Dog Law: Vicious Dogs, Your Rights and Responsibilities panel discussion put on by the ASBA and Human Society. For more on the Dog Law discussion, please visit our event page.

Samoa News

Dog Law: Vicious Dogs; Your Rights And Responsibilities

The American Samoa Bar Association, in conjunction with the American Samoa Humane Society, hosted a panel discussion entitled “Dog Law: Vicious Dogs, Your Rights and Responsibilities.”  This panel presented on the local laws relating to vicious dogs, including the criminal laws, civil liability and rights, and ownership issues.  The event was open to the public.

For more information, please follow the link here – Vicious Dogs