Chapter 06 - Legislative Financial Officer

Chapter 06 - Legislative Financial Officer

2.0601 Office created.

(a) There is created a Legislative Financial Office. The head of the office is the Legislative Financial Officer, who is appointed by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House and compensated by the Legislature. The office is directly responsible to the Legislature on matters of financial analysis, review, study, or interest. The officer may appoint employees to implement the purposes of this chapter and advise and assist the Legislature in its deliberations, as provided for under appropriations made for the office.

(b) Unless otherwise directed by a Legislator making request for information, the request and the resulting work product shall first be submitted to the Legislator who requested it before it is distributed.

2.0602 Cooperation of government agencies.

The agencies of the government shall cooperate with the Legislative Financial Officer in order that he may carry out the investigations, studies, analyses, and reports so directed to him by the Legislature, by opening their records to the officer during normal working hours and times.