Chapter 04 - Village Courts

Chapter 04 - Village Courts

3.0401 Composition.

Each village shall have a village court consisting of an associate judge of the High Court. The Chief Justice shall assign associate judges to be responsible for conducting court sessions in 1 or more villages. From time to time, as the number of cases awaiting trial requires, the responsible associate judge shall convene the village court to try those matters outstanding.

3.0402 Jurisdiction.

(a) The village courts shall have jurisdiction only over matters arising under the regulations of their respective villages.

(b) Except for retrials before the District Court, the village courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to impose penalties for the violation of village regulations. No village council or village, county or district authority may impose penalties for such violations.

3.0403 Administration.

The Chief Justice shall designate an associate judge or other person as administrator of the village courts. The administrator shall supervise the operation of the village courts and may do any acts necessary to implement this chapter.

3.0404 Record of proceedings.

The Clerk of the High Court or his designee shall attend all sessions of the village courts and shall prepare a written record of the proceedings, which shall be kept in the Court House in Fagatogo.