Bar Meeting At Evi’s

The May Bar Meeting will be held at 5pm on May 26 at Evalani’s in Pago Pago. The agenda includes:

  • bar numbers – should we have them? If so, how would it work?
  • Events with Western Samoa’s law society
  • ABA updates
  • Unpublished cases and how to use them
  • Possible projects and events for the year – bring your ideas.
As an added bonus, it’s taco night at Evi’s.

Annual Meeting

The ASBA held its annual meeting last Thursday, April 28. The annual report was presented, outlining the events of the past year, and discussing the prospects for the future. The bar voted on constitutional and bylaw changes. And elections for officers was held. The ASBA would like to thank all of those members who participated.

Annual Meeting – April 28th

The American Samoa Bar Association will be holding its annual meeting at 5:30 pm on April 28, 2011 at Hong Kong House in Nu’uuli. The meeting will include votes on amendments to the bar constitution and by-laws, resolutions, and new officers for 2011-2012. All bar members are strongly encouraged to come and have a voice in the new elections.

Amendments To The Constitution And By-Laws

At the annual meeting on April 28th, the Constitution and By-Laws Committee will present four amendments for the ASBA’s consideration. Please read over the proposals and have comments and amendments ready during the meeting.

(1)  An amendment to the By-Laws changing the number needed for quorum from 10 members, to 20% of the on-island members. Read it here.

(2) An amendment to the Constitution adding as an officer an American Bar Association Delegate. Read it here.

(3) An amendment to the By-Laws adding as an officer an American Bar Association Delegate. Read it here.

(4) An interpretation of the notice requirements found in the Constitution and By-Laws to include email and other electronic communication. Read it here.