Chapter 04 - Swains Island

Chapter 04 - Swains Island

5.0401 Local government established.

(a) There shall be a local government for Swains Island, which shall consist of a government representative, a village council, a pulenuu, and village policemen.

(b) The government bodies and officials shall have the same rights and duties and be subject to the same qualifications as comparable officials of other villages of American Samoa, except that the village council shall consist of all resident male persons over 24 years of age and of sound mind.

(c) Neither the proprietor of Swains Island, or any person employed by him, is eligible to appointment as government representative.

5.0402 Government representative—Duties.

It is the duty of the government representative to:

(1) act as the representative of the Governor on Swains Island;

(2) mediate disputes between employees and their employer;

(3) enforce laws of the United States, and American Samoa applicable on Swains Island;

(4) enforce village regulations;

(5) keep the Governor advised as to the state of affairs on Swains Island, particularly as to the health, education, safety, and welfare of the people thereon;

(6) insure that the people of Swains Island continue to enjoy the rights, privileges and immunities accorded to them by the laws of the United States and American Samoa; and

(7) insure that the proprietary rights of the proprietor are respected.

5.0403 Government representative—Powers.

The government representative has the power to:

(1) make arrests;

(2) quell breaches of the peace;

(3) call meetings of the village council to consider special subjects; and

(4) take such action as may be reasonably necessary to implement and render effective his duties.