Chapter 01 - Board and Administration

Chapter 01 - Board and Administration

7.0101 Created—Membership.

(a) There is created a Personnel Advisory Board consisting of 7 members appointed by the Governor, one of whom is designated by the Governor as chairman.

(b) The members of the Personnel Advisory Board serve without pay for their duties as members of the Board.

7.0102 Powers and duties.

(a) The primary duties and responsibilities of the Personnel Advisory Board shall be:

(1) to investigate and make recommendations for improvements to the Governor with regards to the manpower resources requirements, needs and development of the American Samoa Government, and in carrying out such investigations, the Board shall have full power to subpoena and compel the testimony of witnesses;

(2) to develop programs designed to improve effectiveness of government employees’ performance and discharge of their duties and responsibilities; and

(3) to investigate personnel problems in the government and report to the Governor their findings and recommendations, if any, with respect to such investigation.

(b) The Board shall perform such other duties as are from time to time assigned to it by the Governor.

(c) The Board shall have the power to make such rules as are necessary for the orderly hearing of matters before it.

(d) The Board shall from time to time review rules and regulations promulgated in accordance with this chapter and 4.0335, 7.0110 et seq.

7.0103 Punishment for perjury or contempt.

Any person who commits perjury before or is in contempt of the Personnel Advisory Board shall be punished as though the offense were committed before the High Court of American Samoa.

7.0104 Administrative appeals and grievances.

All administrative appeals and grievances of government employees shall be referred to the Administrative Law Judge for hearing and disposition in accordance with the regulations of the American Samoa Government.

7.0110 Director of Human Resources—Duties.

In addition to any duty assigned by the Governor, the Director of Human Resources shall:

(1) apply and carry out the provisions of this chapter and 7.0201 et seq.;

(2) be executive secretary of the Personnel Advisory Board;

(3) establish and maintain a roster and other records of employees of the government;

(4) make recommendations to and assist the Personnel Advisory Board in developing programs designed to improve employee effectiveness, and to enforce such programs as the board, subject to the approval of the Governor, may promulgate;

(5) assist the Personnel Advisory Board in investigating personnel problems in the government.