Chapter 10 - Compensation

Chapter 10 - Compensation

7.1001 Compensation plan.

(a) A compensation plan shall be established for the career service, which will permit the payment of either an annual salary or hourly wage dependent on the type of work performed. The plan shall provide for maximum and minimum salary and wage rates and such intermediate steps as seem appropriate.

(b) No position may be assigned a rate of pay greater than the maximum or less than the minimum rate established for the level in the compensation plan with which such position is identified in accordance with the provisions of 7.0401, except as permitted by rules of the Governor.

7.1002 Per diem rates within the Territory—Tutuila, Manu’a, Swains Island.

The Director of Manpower Resources shall adopt rules under the Administrative Procedure Act, 4.1001 et seq. consistent with other equitable per diem rates, a schedule of per diem rates for travel between the island of Tutuila, the Manu’a Group of Islands and Swains Island.

7.1003 Incentive awards.

The Government shall adopt an incentive award program to provide a method of recognizing employees who show exceptional resourcefulness or skills, or perform exceptional acts.

7.1004.1 Overtime compensation of gubernatorial appointees disallowed.

All gubernatorial appointees are not entitled to overtime compensation notwithstanding that they may have worked beyond regular hours. However, the Governor may, at his discretion, authorize that such appointees take additional leave with pay to compensate them for work performed in excess of 40 hours per week, but all such leave must be documented and authorized by the Governor in advance.