Chapter 06 - Expenditures

Chapter 06 - Expenditures

10.0601 Expenditures in excess of appropriations - Voluntary service forbidden.

(a) No officer or employee of the government may make or authorize an expenditure from or create or authorize an obligation under any appropriation or fund in excess of the amount available therein; nor may officers or employees involve the government in contracts or other obligations, for the payment of money for any purpose, in advance, of appropriations made for that purpose unless the contract or obligation is authorized by law.

(b) No officer or employee of the government may accept voluntary service for the government or employ personal service in excess of that authorized by law, except in cases of emergency involving the safety of human life or the protection of property.

(c) In addition to any penalty or liability under other law, any officer or employee of the government who violates subsection(a) or(b) is subjected to appropriate administrative discipline, including, when circumstances warrant, suspension from duty without pay or removal from office. Any officer or employee of the government who knowingly violates subsection(a) or(b) shall, upon conviction, be sentenced for a class D felony.

10.0602 Return of unexpended funds not to affect lawsuit or right of action.

Any provision of law which requires unexpended funds to return to the general fund at the end of the fiscal year shall not be held to affect the status of any lawsuit or right of action involving the right to those funds.

10.0603 Expenditure of Legislature funds.

Except as otherwise limited by law the Legislature shall have full authority and control the request, approval, and disbursement of funds in its budget. The Legislature shall be fully responsible for maintaining proper record-keeping and management over the expenditure of funds.