Chapter 07 - State Medicaid Program

Chapter 07 - State Medicaid Program

13.0701 Establishment--Department of Health designated state agency.

The Department of Health is hereby designated as the state agency for the medicaid program in American Samoa. The Department shall develop administer and amend as necessary the medicaid state plan, prepare and submit the annual presumed eligible report, and ensure that the medicaid program in the Territory is carried out consistent with U.S. law and regulations administration, Department of Health and Human Services.

13.0702 Designation of state medicaid director.

The Director of Health shall designate an individual in the Department of Health as State Medicaid Director to administer the medicaid program.

13.0703 Mandatory reporting.

The modified annual medicare/medicaid cost report and other financial reports required by the medicaid state plan will remain the responsibility of the Medical Center.