Chapter 02 - Board of Regents

Chapter 02 - Board of Regents

16.0201 Board of Regents—Created— Membership-Meetings-Function.

(a) A Board of Regents is created to take the place of the former board of education.

(b) The Board shall consist of 9 members appointed by the Governor with the concurrence of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Two of the board members shall be appointed from Manu’a, 4 from the eastern district, and 3 from the western district. Appointment of Board members shall be for staggered terms of 2 and 3 years, but members shall serve until successors are appointed by the Governor.

(c) The Board shall meet quarterly and at such other times as determined by majority vote of the Board members or as called for by the Director of Education.

(d) The Board shall function as an Advisory Board to the Director of Education, who shall be an ex officio member of the board.

16.0202 Board of Regents—Transportation.

Each member of the Board shall be issued a pass by the government good for 1 roundtrip public transportation between his village and the location of Board meetings. For his use in attending any meeting of the Board, any member residing in Manu’a shall receive a pass from the government good for 1 round trip between the village of his actual residence and Tutuila in addition to his daily transportation pass between the village of his residence in Tutuila and location of Board meetings.

16.0210 Board of vocational education- Membership-Function.

(a) The Board of Regents shall act as the Board of Vocational Education.

(b) The Director of Education shall serve as Executive Officer for the Board of Vocational Education.

(c) The Board of Vocational Education shall be responsible for the administration of a vocational education program for American Samoa.