Chapter 05 - Public Schools

Chapter 05 - Public Schools

16.0501 Classification.

There are 3 types of public schools: early childhood education, consolidated schools, and secondary schools.

16.0502 Consolidated schools--Provision of buildings and teachers.

(a) Where 2 or more villages reach an agreement to consolidate their resources for the purpose of forming a public school, and approval has been secured from the Director of Education for such consolidation, the organization shall be called a “consolidated” school.

(b) It shall be the sole responsibility of the government to provide and maintain school buildings, to pay teachers’ salaries, and to provide qualified teaching personnel.

16.0503 Secondary schools--Responsibility of government.

The secondary schools shall be developed as the sole responsibility of the government. The government shall provide personnel and provide and maintain adequate buildings and curricula suitable for academic, vocational, and teacher training courses for all qualified pupils.

16.0510 Language of instruction.

Instruction in all public schools shall be in the English language, but the Samoan language may be used when necessary to facilitate teaching the English language.

16.0511 Sectarian religious instruction--Voluntary prayers.

(a) Sectarian Religious Instruction. No sectarian religious instruction may be given in any public school. This may not be interpreted to prohibit prayers, scripture reading, or the singing of religious songs.

(b) Voluntary Prayers — Permissible. Voluntary prayers may be offered in public schools and public buildings under a policy adopted by the Director of Education for public schools or the Director of Public Works for public buildings, or in the absence thereof the principal or teacher in charge of students in public schools and the individual in charge of a public meeting may lead those assembled in a voluntary prayer.

16.0512 Conduct of pupils.

Any person attending any class in any public school shall be designated as a pupil. It shall be the duty of every pupil to carry out the instructions of teachers and principal and to obey the school laws and regulations of the Director of Education pertaining to conduct and child welfare.

16.0513 School fees.

The Director of Education shall collect such fees as are required by regulations of the Governor for the maintenance of the public school program. Nonpayment of such fees shall be considered just cause for exclusion of a pupil from school.