Chapter 07 - Private Schools

Chapter 07 - Private Schools

16.0701 Designation—Certification--Contents of application.

(a) All schools carrying on regular educational work equivalent to the public school curriculum and receiving no government financial support shall be designated as private schools.

(b) No private school may operate without a certificate of authorization from the Department of Education, which shall be issued annually based upon the inspection of the school. No school which does not maintain satisfactory standards of instruction, curriculum, and physical plant as prescribed by the Director of Education may be issued a certificate.

(c) Each school seeking authorization by the Director for the first time shall submit the following information:

(1) a statement of the aims and purposes of the school;

(2) the names and addresses of the sponsors and supporters of the school;

(3) the ages, grades and sex of the children to be enrolled;

(4) the amount of tuition to be charged;

(5) the curriculum to be pursued.

16.0702 Session length requirement.

Private schools must be in session the same number of days as public schools, though not necessarily between the same dates.

16.0703 Exemption from public school attendance.

Children attending authorized private schools may not be required to attend public schools.

16.0704 Curriculum requirements.

Private school officials shall include in their curriculum such material as the Director of Education may require in the interest of good citizenship.

16.0705 Religious instruction.

The Department of Education may not interfere with any religious instruction given in private schools.

16.0706 Required reports-Permanent enrollment records.

(a) Each private school shall submit monthly enrollment reports.

(b) Each private school shall annually submit the following:

(1) a calendar for the school year;

(2) a list of all teachers, showing names, ages, experience, and professional qualifications;

(3) a certificate of health for each teacher;

(4) a list of the curriculum and books to be used, by grades;

(5) a schedule of classes.

(c) Private school officials shall maintain permanent record cards on each pupil enrolled.