Chapter 04 - Museum of American Samoa

Chapter 04 - Museum of American Samoa

17.0401 Established.

There is established within the executive branch of the government, under the direction of a board of trustees, the Museum of American Samoa, which shall constitute a nonprofit instrumentality of the government.

17.0402 Purpose.

The purposes of the museum shall be to:

(1) Establish, maintain, acquire and supervise the collection, study, preservation, interpretation and exhibition of fine art and objects, and such relics, documents, paintings, artifacts and other historical and related materials as will evidence and illustrate the history of the Samoan Islands and the culture of their inhabitants, particularly of American Samoa;

(2) interpret Samoan culture in relation to other Polynesian cultures; and

(3) recognize and preserve Samoan cultural values.

17.0403 Funding.

The Legislature of American Samoa hereby states its intention to appropriate such local revenue as may be reasonably necessary to operate the museum of American Samoa.

17.0404 Functions.

The museum of American Samoa is authorized, acting through the board of trustees, to perform the following functions:

(1) acquire by purchase, lease, gift, loan, or otherwise, and hold, manage and administer, all such property, real or personal, as it deems necessary to carry out its purposes;

(2) accept from the federal government or any other government, organization, body or agency, public or private, services, equipment, supplies, materials or funds by way of gift, loan or grants; provided, that all funds shall be for the purposes of 17.0401 and 17.0402 and no other;

(3) apply for tax-exempt status;

(4) adopt, amend, and repeal bylaws;

(5) make contracts as authorized, and sue and be sued in its own name;

(6) adopt and issue such rules and regulations not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter as may be necessary for the operation and maintenance of the museum, and for the conduct of visitors, patrons and the general public; and

(7) employ such personnel as are deemed necessary by the board of trustees.

17.0405 Board of trustees.

(a) The Museum of American Samoa shall be managed by a board of trustees consisting of 5 persons, who shall serve for a term of 1 year and be appointed by the Governor.

(b) The Governor shall appoint 1 of the trustees as chairman.

(c) The presence of 3 persons shall be necessary to constitute a quorum and the vote of the majority of those present shall be necessary to decide any issue.

(d) The trustees shall serve without compensation.

(e) A trustee may succeed himself.

17.0406 Limit of obligations-Approval of contracts by Governor.

Nothing in this chapter may be deemed to authorize the museum of American Samoa to obligate the government for expenditures or other amounts in excess of such sums as may be appropriated by the Legislature, or are available through contributed funds or federal funds, nor may the museum mortgage or encumber any of its property. The Governor shall approve all contracts in writing.

17.0407 Transfer of artifacts.

The board may accept all artifacts, objects, and other related historical and cultural materials of the present museum located at government house, and upon said acceptance cause an inventory to be made of all items so transferred and accepted by the board.

17.0408 Theft of objects-Penalty.

Any person who steals or assists in stealing any pamphlet, map, chart, picture, photograph, engraving, manuscript, statue, coin, model, apparatus, specimen, work of literature, object of art or curiosity deposited in the museum of American Samoa shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and may be fined not more than $1,000, or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both.