Chapter 08 - Noxious Weeds

Chapter 08 - Noxious Weeds

24.0801 Identification of noxious weeds.

The Governor, with the advice of the Director of Agriculture, may declare by regulation any weed or plant growth which endangers or is likely to endanger the agricultural economy of American Samoa to be a noxious weed.

24.0802 Search and destruction of weeds- Notice to district governor.

(a) The District Governor of each district shall, at regular intervals, cause the local govern-ment officials of his district to make careful searches for noxious weeds which may be present in their respective jurisdictions.

(b) Any noxious weeds discovered by local government officials shall be reported to the District Governor, and the District Governor shall immediately inform the Director of Agriculture, or any person acting under his direction.

(c) The local government officials shall have the power and authority to enter upon any land to search for and destroy noxious weeds. The searcher shall, before entering upon any land, inform the owner or the user of the land of the reason for the search.

24.0803 Destruction of noxious weeds.

The owners and users of all land in American Samoa shall, immediately upon discovery of such, take steps to destroy noxious weeds present on their land, and the Director of Agriculture may order the user or owner of the land to destroy the weeds and shall instruct the owner or user of the proper method to most effectively destroy noxious weeds and prevent seeding.

24.0804 Violation-Penalty.

Any person who purposely allows noxious weeds to grow on land owned or used by him, or who refuses to obey any lawful order or instruction of the Director of Agriculture pertaining to noxious weeds, or who interferes with the Director of Agriculture or any person acting under his direction in the performance of his duty, shall be sentenced as for a class C misdemeanor.