Chapter 10 - Coconut Beetles

Chapter 10 - Coconut Beetles

24.1001 Duty of landowner or occupier.

Every person who owns land or is in possession of land shall keep the land free and clear of all rotten wood, decayed logs and stumps, coconut husks heaps of rotten grass or leaves and decayed rubbish of any kind.

24.1002 Weekly government inspections and reports.

(a) Each pulenuu shall once each week make a thorough inspection of all lands and planta-tions within the village, and shall report in writing to the County Chief before the third day of each month the name of any person whose land or plantation is uncleared, or in an unsanitary condition.

(b) The County Chief shall personally inspect such land and forward the pulenuu’s report, together with his own comments, to the District Governor, who shall in turn forward it to the director of agriculture before the tenth day of each month.

24.1003 Search for coconut beetles by village males-Exempt persons.

(a) Upon a day designated by the Governor, the pulenuu shall assembly all able-bodied males of the village, and they shall make a careful search of the village and all plantations for coconut beetles and their breeding places.

(b) All beetles, larvae and eggs that are found shall be forwarded on the same day to the District Governor, with a full written report. The District Governor shall destroy the beetles, and send a copy of the report to the Director of Agriculture.

(c) Employees of the United States or the government, District Governors, County Chiefs, associate judges, children actually in attendance at school, and any persons regularly employed for a bona fide wage or salary shall be exempt from the duty to search.

24.1004 Power of Governor to issue rules.

The Governor may issue such rules, and appoint such inspectors, as he deems necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter.

24.1005 Power of village council to adopt rules.

Village councils may adopt rules for the purposes of this chapter that are not inconsistent with any other provisions of this Code.

24.1006 False reports-Penalty.

Any Samoan official who knowingly makes any false report or purposely fails to report shall be sentenced as for a class B misdemeanor, and, in addition, removed from office by the Governor.

24.1007 Violation-Penalty.

Any person who violates any provision of this chapter shall be sentenced as for a class C misdemeanor.