Chapter 07 - Sanitation

Chapter 07 - Sanitation

25.0701 Inspection of schools and public places.

The Director shall periodically inspect the sanitary conditions, including but not limited to drinking fountains and lavatory and cafeteria facilities, of all schools, public institutions, government and other public buildings, and public parks and beaches, and report thereon to the person, or Director of the department of government, having control thereof.

25.0702 Public drinking fountains.

Public drinking fountains for the dispensing of water for human consumption shall be kept clean and sanitary by the owner or person in charge thereof. For purposes of drinking fountains belonging to the government, the “owner or person in charge thereof’ shall be the director of the department in which the fountain is located or, if not located in any department, the Director of Public Works.

25.0703 Water overflow and drainage water-Prohibited runoff.

(a) Overflow water from kitchens, shower heads, faucets or other sources shall not be allowed to run off on the ground in such a manner as to produce accumulation of stagnant water on the ground of either the owner’s or a neighbor’s property.

(b) All water outlets, such as faucets, showerheads, and similar taps, shall have a working serviceable shutoff valve which must be closed whenever the water outlet is not being used.

(c) Drainage water from all showers kitchen faucets, and other sources shall be piped to a soakage pit or disposed of in a manner acceptable to the Director.

25.0704 Control of mosquitoes.

No owner, lessor, or occupant of any property, land, or premises may have, keep, maintain, cause, or permit any collection of standing or flowing water in which mosquitoes are propagated, or in which mosquitoes may be propagated within the boundaries of his property or, in the case of larger tracts of land or premises, for a distance of not less than 100 feet from any building used as a residence, cookhouse, workshop or place of business, or any place where persons, including the owner’s, lessor’s or occupant’s family as well as other persons, gather, sleep, work, cook or habitually carry on other activities.

25.0705 Spitting prohibited.

In the interest of public health, spitting is prohibited.

25.0706 Common use of utensils and towels prohibited.

(a) No person owning, operating, or having charge or control of, any lodginghouse, restaurant, carnival, fair, store, theater, school nursery, hospital, clinic, club, office building, park, playground or conveyance may provide or expose for common use, or permit to be so provided or exposed or allow to be used in common any drinking or eating utensil, or other receptacle used for drinking or eating purposes, or any towel.

(b) “Common use” in this section means use by any person after use by any other person of any article coming under this section without sanitization thereof before each such use.

25.0707 Approval of sanitizing procedures.

Every sanitizing procedure used to comply with this title must be approved by the Director of Medical Services.