Chapter 16 - Domestic Animals

Chapter 16 - Domestic Animals

25.1601 Confinement of domestic animals-Impoundment and destruction.

(a) No pigs, goats, sheep, horses, cattle, or other domestic animals, other than fowl, cats and licensed dogs may be allowed to run loose. All such animals must be confined by fencing, or kept properly secured by tying or staking.

(b) All animals allowed to run loose or be at large in violation of this section shall be impounded and destroyed. Nothing in this section may be interpreted to prohibit the impounding and destruction of unlicensed dogs in any area.

25.1602 Distance animals to be kept from human habitat.

No owner or occupant may keep or allow to be kept upon premises owned by him or in his possession or control any pigs, goats, sheep, horses or cattle within 50 feet of any building used for human habitation or as a restaurant, food establishment, or school.

25.1603 Animals not permitted in space between highway and sea.

No pigs, chickens or other animals may be kept in the space between the highway and the sea.

25.1604 Confinement of animals near bodies of fresh or salt water prohibited.

No pigpens, chicken coops, or other areas or structures for confining animals may be placed directly over any stream, river, brook, pond, or other body of fresh or salt water. Pigs or other domestic animals may not be confined in the area immediately adjacent to any body of fresh water in such a way that the waste discharges of the animal or the washings from the pen may contaminate or pollute a stream or other body of fresh water.

25.1605 Confinement areas for animals to be kept sanitary.

All poultry houses, yards, coops, pigeon runs, rabbit hutches, dog kennels, pens, barns, stables, or other structures or enclosures for any fowl or animal shall be kept clean and free from any accumulation of excreta decayed food and filth of every kind. All such structures and enclosures shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.

25.1606 Destruction of animals with transmissible diseases-Disposal of dead animals.

Animal carcasses and organs infected with disease transmissible or possibly transmissible to man or animals shall be destroyed and not used for animal or human consumption. No person may deposit or leave any dead animal on any land or in any stream or body of water within American Samoa.

25.1607 License fees.

The following licenses fees are established:

(1) dog, male or female $2.00.

25.1610 Vicious animals prohibited-Penalty-Enforcement.

(a) No person may import into or possess in the Territory a live vicious animal, except for animals being exported out of the Territory within 48 hours of their arrival.

(b) For the purpose of this section, a vicious animal is one which, without provocation;

(1) has made an attack on a person whether or not the attack resulted in any injuries to the person;

(2) bitten any person; or

(3) displays snarling, snapping, growling, clawing or other behavior which tends to intimidate, frighten or subdue a person.

(c) Animals which display the behavior described in subsection (b) upon command of an owner or keeper are considered vicious animals under this section.

(d) This section shall be enforced and animals shall be seized by the Department of Public Safety upon its own initiative and upon formal complaint by a person or guardian or parent of a person attacked, bitten or otherwise harassed by a vicious animal. An animal seized under this section must be inspected by the Department of Agriculture officials and be destroyed within 48 hours if the officials confirm its vicious behavior. The Department of Agriculture shall handle the destruction of such animals in a reasonably humane manner.

(e) Any person who imports or possesses a vicious animal in the Territory is guilty of a class A misdemeanor. If such animal causes injury to a person in an unprovoked attack then the importer or possessor is guilty of a class D felony.