Chapter 11 - Plumbing

Chapter 11 - Plumbing

26.1101 Authority of Governor to prescribe requirements.

The Governor is authorized to prescribe plumbing requirements for all plumbing systems hereafter installed. The requirements shall be those which in the opinion of the Governor are necessary to protect the public health and safety.

26.1102 Alteration, repair, or renovation of plumbing system.

Alterations, repairs, or renovations of existing plumbing may deviate from the requirements for new systems only to the extent approved by the Director.

26.1103 Abatement of nuisances.

Whenever compliance with all of the provisions of this chapter fails to eliminate or alleviate a nuisance that may involve health or safety hazards, the owner or his agent may be ordered by the director to install such additional plumbing or drainage equipment as may be necessary to abate such nuisance.