Chapter 02 - Commercial Activities

15.0201 Commercial activities.

All commercial activities within the territorial parks are subject to a system of regulation. Only authorized commercial activities shall be allowed within territorial parks.

15.0202 Authorized activity designation.

(a) A commercial activity may receive an authorized activity designation only after proper application has been made to the department, a public hearing has been held (see 15.0203), and the application has been approved by the director and the commission.

(b) Unless stated otherwise, authorized activity designations will be valid for 1 year from the date of issuance.

(c) The fee for obtaining an authorized activity designation is $50 and is payable prior to issuance.

15.0203 Public hearing.

A public hearing is required before an authorized activity designation may be awarded. During the course of a public hearing upon an application for an authorized activity designation, the director or an authorized representative may accept and consider written and oral information from interested persons.

15.0204 Criteria.

Applications for authorized activity designations will be reviewed on the following criteria:

(1) whether the activity is consistent with the nature of a particular park;

(2) whether the facilities in a particular park or the facilities of the park system generally may be consistent with the needs of the applicant and the general public;

(3) the extent to which the general public will be inconvenienced should the activity be authorized;

(4) whether the applicant has the appropriate business license(s) to conduct the activity requested;

(5) whether an appropriate fee should be assessed should the activity be authorized;

(6) whether there exist appropriate parks or locations within parks where the activity should take place;

(7) appropriate times or durations when the activity should occur;

(8) The proper number of persons that should be allowed to participate in the activity; and

(9) any other subject or condition which relates to the propriety of any designation or application.

15.0205 Revocation of authorized activity designation.

(a) The director or an authorized representative must schedule a hearing, with notice given to the permit holder, to revoke or otherwise modify an authorized activity designation. During the course of such a hearing, information may be accepted from interested parties related but not limited to:

(1) changes in conditions subsequent to the granting of the authorized activity designation;

(2) the reasonableness of the conditions that may have been set forth in the granting of the designation; and

(3) any other factor which relates to the proposed revocation or modification of the authorized activity designation.

(b) After such a hearing, the director may revoke, modify or continue the authorized activity designation, and must provide the applicant or the affected permittees with a written explanation for the action.

15.0206 Advertisements.

Commercial notices or advertisements shall not be displayed, posted or distributed within the parks except with the prior written permission of the director. This includes the distribution of flyers placed on unattended vehicles. Permission to advertise may be granted only if the notices or advertisements relate to services, goods or facilities available within the premises, and the notices and advertisements are found by the director to be desirable and necessary for the convenience and guidance of the public.

15.0207 Business operations.

Engaging in or soliciting any business within the premises except in accordance with the provisions of an authorized activity designation, contract, license, lease, concession or other written agreement with the Government is prohibited.