1. Formation of Corporations
a. Organizational Meeting
b. Fees Required for Incorporation
c. Who May Incorporate
d. Distinct Corporate Name
e. Generally
2. Preincorporation Transactions
3. Limited Liability & the Corporate Entity
a. Piercing the Corporate Veil
b. Generally
4. Corporate Financial Structure
a. Dividends
b. Shares
c. Books & Accounts
d. Generally
5. Corporate Management Structure
a. Corporate Counsel
b. Dissenters & Their Rights
c. Election/Voting Procedures
d. Board Meetings
e. Shareholders Meetings
f. Management Compensation
g. Business Judgment Rule
h. Duties of Management
i. Officers & Directors
j. Shareholders
k. Incorporators
l. Generally
6. Types of Corporations
a. Cooperative Corporations
b. Eleemosynary Corporations
c. Foreign Corporations
d. Public Corporation
e. Closely Held Corporation
f. Generally
7. Corporate Powers & Prohibitions
a. Prohibitions
b. Transfers of Land
c. Powers
d. General Provisions
8. The Corporation & Litigation
a. Third Party Suits
b. Shareholder Suits
c. Generally
9. Organic Changes: Amendments, Mergers and Dissolution
a. General Provisions
b. Amending Formative Documents
c. Merger
d. Dissolution of the Corporation
10. Partnerships
a. General Provisions
b. Formation
c. Service on a Partnership
d. Dissolution of Partnership
e. Liability for Partnership Debts